Volunteers are essential at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital. As our Goodwill Ambassadors our adult and student volunteers provide greatly needed assistance to patients, families and the community. Volunteers embody our mission to serve our guests, families, and staff with respect, sensitivity and excellence of service.

All of our volunteer are screened as if they were an employee with a background and drug check.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please e-mail Shawn Boynton, Volunteer Coordinator at shawnb@snoqualmiehospital.org or call (425) 831-2300 ext. 145

Internships / Externships

The Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District has contracts with many of the surrounding colleges including Bellevue College, Everest College and Renton Technical College. Philip Koziol, Senior Care Services Manager is our Internship/Externship contact. We are part of the Department of Labor’s Community-Based Job Training Grant at the Health Science, Education & Wellness Institute, Bellevue College. This grant is designed to build the capacity of community colleges to train workers to develop skills required to succeed in high growth and high demand industries. We are focused on healthcare careers and provide externships to area community colleges for nursing, Hospital Unit Coordinator and laboratory services.

If you would like to coordinate an internship or externship at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital, please contact Philip Koziol at philipk@snoqualmiehospital.org or call (425) 831-2300 ext. 326